Thom | 24 | Manchester | Psychiatry

Click 'my links' for my appearance, faq and shit.

I have a 8 month old son called Brandon and a 4 year old daughter called Alex. I also live with four cats and a hamster.

I'm pretty much addicted to my xbox and I currently have a gamerscore of over 100k. I also dabble a little in photography, but I'm no expert and I also read a lot.

I watch Smackdown and Raw, I plan to go see Wrestle Mania in a few years and I'll be rooting for CM Punk (if he comes back) or Daniel Bryan.

My favorite band is GnR; but i listen to just about everything from Trance to Metal..

I post what I want, if you're not down with that then I've got two words for you


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